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In these last 30 years as an arborist, and 20 years a local, I have removed a few trees.
 I’m always looking for the most efficient, safe & cost effective way to get the job done.

Queenstown’s NZ Tree Care are Council Approved & Fully Insured, and we can grind out the tree stump if needed too.


Good pruning results from an understanding of the tree and how its growth responds to pruning. Whether it’s for sunlight, views, form or fruit.
 Having a good understanding and eye for a tree’s natural shape is the key.

Small tree (formative pruning) is one of the best things a tree owner can do
. Just a few minutes spent pruning can set a tree up for a lifetime.


From small back garden screens to 300m long and 10m tall shelterbelts.

We’re into detail; straight lines, levels and razor sharp edges. 
If a hedge in the region looks amazing to you, we’re probably maintaining it.
 We shape and maintain a lot of property shrubbery as well.


Nature is unpredictable, so should you find that one of your trees has failed or become damaged you can count on NZ Tree Care.

Our arborists are timely, helpful and reliable, to make sure you get sorted.


We can do it all – from tree selection to planting and maintenance, or just help you out 
on the day by doing the grunt work for you.

Often good money is being invested in the trees so they need to be planted correctly.

If you have trees that need to be moved, or you have bought some mature trees, then we also do transplanting. Big tree or small tree – no problem!


We provide a practical, no-nonsense approach to tree advice.
 20 years of local knowledge is hugely helpful.

We advise on tree health issues
 and carry out tree assessments for Resource Consent, Heritage trees and Tree preservation.

Or we can simply help you out by identifying the presence of Black Aphid on your Cherry tree.


Dedicated equipment, manpower and expertise

Your tree issues can be resolved with maximum safety and minimum inconvenience, in the quickest possible time.

When the job is done we can chip all the prunings and take them away, or leave the mulch with you for the garden.


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How Much Will It Cost?

In our business there’s very rarely an off-the-shelf solution…

It takes a great deal of local knowledge, to understand the Lakes District’s special conditions, and years of local experience to master them. So we’ll always come to your place to look at your trees and listen to your wish-list before we even think about giving you a price.

That way we can tailor a solution to your immediate needs, determine if everything needs doing at once or prioritise the work on a stage-by-stage basis, and find the most cost-effective way forward together.

And when we say that, we really mean it – if you’re keen to get involved and save some labour charges we’re more than happy to have you on the crew for the job. Or if you’d prefer a total, one-stop solution, then we’ll take care of things that way.

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