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David Finlin, Owner, NZ Tree Care
NZ Tree care's founding fathers. Stewart Island, NZ.

New Zealand Tree Care was founded in 1995 when director David Finlin returned to Queenstown after a decade away training and perfecting his profession overseas.

After gaining his apprenticeship in horticultural gardening at Dunedin Botanic Gardens, his travels saw him studying and working in America and the UK with some of those countries’ most respected professionals. He went on to become a London Tree Officer, a role that brought responsibility for the development and maintenance of public woodlands, park and urban trees in North London.

Dave’s studies for the Masters in Arboriculture qualification in the 90s reaffirmed his instinct that when you’re working with trees there are few times when you can apply the same set of rules. Instead, you’re always learning, adapting and applying new knowledge to achieve the best result.

Bringing all that experience to his company in Queenstown saw New Zealand Tree Care quickly gain a reputation for know-how and reliability, and the operation grew rapidly. Acknowledged as the region’s leading arborists, New Zealand Tree Care teams are even called upon to carry out work for clients from Fiordland to Auckland’s North Shore.


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Professional tree care takes a lot more than a chainsaw and a head for heights its about knowledge, the many tree species and the changing environment they grow in.

The real training comes from 25 years being on the job, working with trees and people every day and solving the issues property owners face.


The New Zealand Tree Care team’s experience spans more than four decades and includes more varied challenges than you can shake a stick at… and we’ve done our fair share of that too!

The company ethos has always been to specialise in our own expertise, concentrate on areas where we excel, and maintain high levels of quality, safety and personalised service at all times.

David Finlin

Chief Tree Surgeon, NZ Tree Care

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